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Regnum is our best Metaverse Play&Earn Gaming platform on Binance Smart Chain

Regnum Metaverse Play&Earn Game

Regnum is the best a decentralized metaverse play&earn game powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Play-to-Earn (P2E) games revolutionize gaming by rewarding players with cryptocurrency for their in-game activities. These games utilize $PLAY tokens as a form of currency, allowing players to earn real-world value. Players can trade, sell, or use $PLAY tokens within the game’s ecosystem, enhancing the gaming experience. Within the Regnum platform, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

3D virtual space , a non-fungible digital asset maintained in a Binance Smart Chain. Regnum is divided into parcels that are identified by specific numbers. These parcels are permanently owned by members of the community and are purchased using $REG, Regnum cryptocurrency token.

Regnum Token is Launched

Regnum Game is a powerful game with realistic characters and materials set in the metaverse universe.

Play & Earn

Users can earn $REG tokens by participating in in-game battles.

Purchase & Renting Fee

Users can earn through leasing their equipment at the marketplace.

Staking and Farming Rewards

Users can stake $REG tokens to earn more tokens and Liquidity providers will be able to earn more profit by locking LP tokens. (Q4 2022)

Q1 2022

Website Launch
Start Game Development
Prepare Presale
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Q2 2022

10000 $REG Holders
Marketing on Youtube Investing Channels
Creating NFT Buildings
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Q3 2022

Hotbit CEX Listing
Game Consol Integrations
Multiplayer Integrations
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Q4 2022

Version 2 Stable Game Release
Add New Maps
Add New Game Features
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Razor Studio was a game studio with 5 years of experience before, but now we have been designing games using blockchain architecture for about 2 years with a brand new concept.
Our headquarters is in Cyprus and we have friends working remotely for us in many countries around the world.
We are here with a new team, a new name and a new logo. We stop being a standard game development company and develop new generation technologies for the future.
We love blockchain technologies and that’s why we developed a Metaverse project.
Regnum is the first Metaverse project to use the Binance Smart Chain network. There are multiple Metaverse projects on the market, but we are quite different from them.
We have non-standard maps and a realistic Metaverse universe away from Low Poly modelling. And many more features! Thank you to everyone who trusted us and stood by us.

Razor Studio Team

Blockchain for Future !